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Here’s How To Download Youtube Videos

Would you like to download some videos from YouTube but don’t feel like installing new programs on your PC? Nobody forces you to do it: now there are online services that work directly from the browser and that allow you to perform this operation in an extremely simple and fast way. Unfortunately, in many cases, their capacity is limited to the extraction of videos in standard definition or in 720p, due to the technologies used by YouTube for videos in 1080p, 2K or 4K (which, on many services, can be downloaded only without audio track), but that doesn’t make them uninteresting, quite the opposite.

Do you want me to recommend someone? With great pleasure: there are many that could be for you, all free and that do not require registration in order to be used; I recommend that you bookmark them and always keep them "warm" for when you might need them. Also keep in mind that their operation is not guaranteed over time, so you would do well to save them all, in order to have "reserves" ready if the service you prefer most should stop working.

As for the compatibility of the resources in question, there is no limitation on the browser or operating system to be used: the services I am about to tell you about, in fact, work with all the most popular navigation programs (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) and all operating systems. So, are you ready to find out how to download YouTube videos online using them? Find all the instructions you need right below!